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Day 15

pp. 248-265 (through “…and anyway she doesn’t like children. Yours, Giuseppe)

January 19, 2021 by A Public Space

Lucrezia, imagining Piero’s return: “I had even prepared how I was going to refuse to do this—affectionately, calmly, firmly, very firmly and resolutely.”
Is it bleak or hopeful that Lucrezia is always able to see a preferable alternative to the dire reality?

Lucrezia, writing about Piero: “I had always believed myself to be the centre of his life, the centre of his thoughts.”
A person’s blind spot as big as her ego: to think of oneself as the center of another person’s thoughts. (Thoughts? Thoughts!)

Anne Marie, after Chantel takes away the child: “She tried to keep her smile in place.”
An astonishing character, with a long, hard life, with a stoicism unheard of to Giuseppe and most of his friends, Anne Marie could have carried an entire novel by herself.

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