Elizabeth Gaffney | The Novel Workshop

Brooklyn, NY Tuesdays, September 10–December 17

**This class has sold out. If you would like to be added to the waitlist, please email Megan Cummins at megan@apublicspace.org.**

This season’s Novel Workshop is designed for writers with a substantially or fully complete draft of their novels. Each writer will have the opportunity to have their entire manuscript read and critiqued.

Mary-Beth Hughes | A Technique Workshop for Writers

Brooklyn, NY Wednesdays, September 25–November 6

The technique class for fiction writers is inspired by the technique classes many dancers attend throughout their dancing lives. Class time will be a chance to try new steps, rethink strategies, gather strength and agility, outside the pressures of performance

Ayana Mathis | Master Class

Brooklyn, NY Thursday, September 19

A Master Class exploring the role of time in fiction, and a deep dive into E.M. Forster's famous adage: "In the novel, there is always the clock." 

Amy Hempel | Master Class

Brooklyn, NY Saturday, October 5

**This class has sold out. If you would like to be added to the waitlist, please email Megan Cummins at megan@apublicspace.org.**

This one-day generative Master Class will consider the questions that lead to a story.

Yiyun Li | Master Class

Brooklyn, NY Saturday, October 12

In this Master Class we will examine different approaches to writing about the people, places, and events that have made us who and how we are.

Daniel Handler | Master Class

Brooklyn, NY Thursday, October 24

This Master Class will focus on reading like a writer, rather than a student or critic or fan—the better to use the literature we love for our own purposes.

Benjamin Dreyer | Master Class

Brooklyn, NY Saturday, November 2

Benjamin Dreyer, author of the New York Times bestseller Dreyer’s English and longtime copy chief and managing editor of the Random House division of Penguin Random House, leads a Master Class in the art and practicalities of the copyediting process.

Damian Barr | Master Class

Brooklyn, NY Saturday, November 9

Who owns history? What are you allowed to do with it—in memoir, in fiction? In this Master Class, we will consider ways to interpret, understand and shape history to tell a story.


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