No. 30

The past will reveal to us the nature of the present. —Joan Perucho

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Etel Adnan

"No one is doing anything this winter. Everyone shows what they’ve done. A season of weaving rewoven in itself, the thread bent over the frame, the whole thing impeccable. 'I have been patient so long...' said Rimbaud. Visions. Tapestries. Happiness. And without knowing how, a great sadness."

Etel Adnan, "Notes on Weaving," APS No. 24

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"Why are we not ourselves, we wonder, all the time—or at least, more of it?"
—Elizabeth Bowen

"Here’s a little Tolstoy tale just for you. Tolstoy observed that Russian aristocrats could weep over melodrama in the theater and never think of their coachmen waiting outside in the terrible winter snow. He did not mention that he had an illegitimate brother employed by his father as a coachman."
—Mary-Beth Hughes

From "An Imagined Panel," APS No. 12


Look Here

"To read well is to recognize those moments when the writer is at her most characteristic and alive. Look here, the critic says. Linger with me."

Anthony Domestico, "Linger with Me," from Tolstoy Together: 85 Days of War and Peace

Things to Come and Go
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The Book of Errors
Annie Coggan The Book of Errors
The Communicating Vessels
Friederike Mayröcker The Communicating Vessels

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