No. 26

I still had the Piedmontese capital in my mind; the monarchic city with its piazzas inhabited by scientists and kings, by politicians and by warriors motionless in tired and solemn poses on their pedestals of stone, I still had in mind all of the strange lyricism of its fateful geometric construction.
—Giorgio de Chirico

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Lady Antaeus

Bette Howland

Portfolio | APS No. 23

An out-of-print book discovered in the one-dollar cart at a used bookstore leads to the rediscovery of an acclaimed writer, her unpublished work, and a forty-year correspondence with Saul Bellow in a safe-deposit box in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


Out of the Blue

Jacob Howland | University of Tulsa

I got an email out of the blue asking, Are you related to Bette Howland? —Jacob Howland on the rediscovery of his mother's work

Public Access

Mercedes Benz

Fiction | APS No. 24

Read Martha Cooley's 2017 O. Henry prizewinning story from No. 24: "Maybe those women felt as mercurial and blurry as she often did. Well, not blurry, exactly: incompletely inventoried. Like a house with unexplored rooms."

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