No. 29

In these times of fragments and fragmented times, what are the shapes of our comfort. Built and imagined. What gives boundaries and connection, healing and shelter, familiar pathways and points of rebellion.

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Writing and Editorial Fellowships

Applications will open on January 1 for the 2021 A Public Space Writing Fellowships and the A Public Space Editorial Fellowship. These programs are part of an ongoing initiative to support the next generation of talent.



“In W-3, Bette Howland continues to help us reimagine the depth and breadth of humanity that a single book can contain, not only in her willingness to portray her own experience, but to observe, to empathize, to listen to and take such care with the individuals she encounters along the way." —Lynn Steger Strong on W-3.


Jane Bowles

"The novel—a rare American existentialist fiction by a woman writer—tells the stories of Mrs. Copperfield and Miss Goering, two women seeking to live authentically and to find happiness." Join us for a virtual discussion of Two Serious Ladies by Jane Bowles with Claire Messud on Monday, December 14. Register here.

The Communicating Vessels
Friederike Mayröcker The Communicating Vessels
Mark Hage Capital
Bette Howland, introduction by Yiyun Li W-3

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