No. 26

I still had the Piedmontese capital in my mind; the monarchic city with its piazzas inhabited by scientists and kings, by politicians and by warriors motionless in tired and solemn poses on their pedestals of stone, I still had in mind all of the strange lyricism of its fateful geometric construction.
—Giorgio de Chirico

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Portfolio | APS No. 25

Explore three generations of Catalan writers in this portfolio from No. 25, an issue looking at the tensions, antagonisms, and culture clashes that motivate art and inform conflict. With Mercè Rodereda, Quim Monzó, and Jenn Díaz.

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Mercedes Benz

Fiction | APS No. 24

Read Martha Cooley's 2017 O. Henry prizewinning story from No. 24: "Maybe those women felt as mercurial and blurry as she often did. Well, not blurry, exactly: incompletely inventoried. Like a house with unexplored rooms."


Girl on the Hunt

Prizewinner | New School

Patricia Hampl has selected Rebekka Rafnsdóttir for the inaugural Bette Howland Nonfiction Prize: this is "the whole purpose of personally voiced nonfiction: you have to feel you aren't being told a story, simply, but that the writer is trying to sort something out."

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