No. 27

No schism occurs without a few pangs and regrets, of course. The animals had heretical ideas, but sometimes they seemed herer than we were. Maybe it was because bits and bytes flew over their heads. Maybe the animals were only ever going to listen to someone who spoke in moons and stars. Of course we never would have stooped to that, pandering to wallabies and penguins, handing out stars like handing out candy. If only there had been some river that could have washed all that magic off, all that moonshine, without washing them away as well.
—Amy Leach

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The 2018 Fellows

New work by our new class of Fellows

Discover the work of the 2018 Fellows in APS No. 27: Deborah Taffa's memoir of growing up amid the "toughness rooted in pain" on the Yuma Reservation; LaToya Watkins's story about a mother and daughter in the same room only because of a death, and who share "hell and hardness;" and Bruna Dantas Lobato's novel excerpt about a college student who moves from northeast Brazil to Boston, a place of "snow, storms, and sparse clouds."



December 6 at the Montauk Club

We are pleased to announce the Deborah Pease Prize. Named in honor of A Public Space’s founding benefactor, the prize honors a figure who has advanced the art of literature. In recognition of his thirtieth anniversary as the host and guiding spirit of the radio program Bookworm—where he has reinvented the art of literary conversation—the inaugural prize will be awarded to Michael Silverblatt on December 6. Join us.


Focus on Fellows

Selections from the APS Archive

With the applications for the 2019 Fellowships now open, we are sharing the work from the first five years of the program. Enjoy stories and essays by writers from New York, Los Angeles, Pakistan, and Nigeria in No. 24; Georgia, Botswana, and Scotland in No. 25; and Oregon, Germany, and Chinatown in No. 26.

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