No. 27

No schism occurs without a few pangs and regrets, of course. The animals had heretical ideas, but sometimes they seemed herer than we were. Maybe it was because bits and bytes flew over their heads. Maybe the animals were only ever going to listen to someone who spoke in moons and stars. Of course we never would have stooped to that, pandering to wallabies and penguins, handing out stars like handing out candy. If only there had been some river that could have washed all that magic off, all that moonshine, without washing them away as well.
—Amy Leach

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Mónica de la Torre

137 Northeast Regional | APS No. 27

"Greetings from the future, Jack." The opening of Mónica de la Torre's collection of one-sided correspondence with the late poet Jack Spicer has us wondering: where, when, how. The piece is free and open to the public this week—join us in transit.

A Public Space Books

Bette Howland

Stars for Bette | Booklist

Early praise for Bette Howland's Calm Sea and Prosperous Voyage is sweeping us off our feet this spring, with Booklist declaring the book the reinstatement of "a long-overlooked artist of live-wire incisiveness, shredding wit, and improbable beauty.”


Giorgio de Chirico

Geometry of Shadows | A Public Space Books

Join us at the Center for Italian Modern Art for an evening of poetry and music inspired by Metaphysical art and by Geometry of Shadows, Giorgio de Chirico's Italian poems newly translated by Stefania Heim, forthcoming from A Public Space Books. To mark the event (May 30), De Chirico’s portfolio from No. 24 is unlocked and free for all to read this week.

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