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No schism occurs without a few pangs and regrets, of course. The animals had heretical ideas, but sometimes they seemed herer than we were. Maybe it was because bits and bytes flew over their heads. Maybe the animals were only ever going to listen to someone who spoke in moons and stars. Of course we never would have stooped to that, pandering to wallabies and penguins, handing out stars like handing out candy. If only there had been some river that could have washed all that magic off, all that moonshine, without washing them away as well.
—Amy Leach

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Bette Howland

Reviews | Guernica

As the summer sun blazes, Bette Howland’s Calm Sea and Prosperous Voyage continues to dazzle readers and reviewers. The newest review in Guernica declares Howland a “master of silences, of the unsaid, of what cannot be addressed,” whose own disappearance from the literary world left a “gushing wound on an empty shelf.”


Stefania Heim

Geometry of Shadows | The PEN Ten

Geometry of Shadows by Giorgio de Chirico hits shelves October 1; the book's translator, Stefania Heim, spoke to PEN about the meaning of loyalty in translation and how her own identity shaped her understanding of the painter's poetry: “What is the relationship, either grammatically or spatially, between an iron artichoke, a train in the distance, and the goddess Athena?”


Mary-Beth Hughes

A Technique Workshop for Writers

Join us this fall at A Public Space Academy for Mary-Beth Hughes's technique workshop for writers—and learn some new steps. Inspired by the technique classes dancers attend throughout their dancing lives, this workshop has us rethinking how we can “re-enter a story… by lightly writing into it, or around it, or just re-reading it.” Enroll here.

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