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Winter 2017

An issue exploring iconoclasts, tensions, contrasts, antagonisms, and culture clashes that motivate art and inform conflict.

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2017 PEN World Voices Festival

Wednesday, May 3 | 6.30PM

As part of the PEN World Voices Festival, A Public Space is delighted to co-host a dialogue between contemporary Japanese and American authors.

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Antonio Romani

She'll Make Herself Alive | APS 23

"...he'd written the word attractive next to a passage; and now, as he rereads her novels, he is increasingly surprised by his attraction..." From our archives: Antonio Romani explores anonymity, obscurity, and attraction in his essay, "She'll Make Herself Alive."

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Alex Dimitrov

Perfect Day | APS 25

"And in the cab’s silence I’m loud but not talking,
less young than expected. Less ready or sane."
A poem of intimacy and fleeting time: "Perfect Day" by Alex Dimitrov

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