No. 28

Belonging and excluded, borders and crossings, the solid and the porous. From evening to day, imagined to real. The populous and the particular. This is an issue about dualities. Inside and outside, and the interstitial between.

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Colm Tóibín

February 27

What are facts? Why should fiction writers care about them? The acclaimed author of Brooklyn and The Master leads a Master Class exploring how the factual can elevate fiction, and how fiction can interrogate the known.


Taylor Michael

“Writers help imagine what’s possible. Alternatively, Toni Cade Bambara says, the job of the writer is 'to make revolution irresistible.’ My respect for the power writers have in society drives my ambition as an editor.” Introducing Taylor Michael, the inaugural Editorial Fellow at A Public Space.

No. 28

Deirdre McNamer

Recreation Management

“One shiny October day, I left my husband and home and moved to Oregon where I took a room in the house of an aerobics instructor named Lizette.”

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