No. 27

No schism occurs without a few pangs and regrets, of course. The animals had heretical ideas, but sometimes they seemed herer than we were. Maybe it was because bits and bytes flew over their heads. Maybe the animals were only ever going to listen to someone who spoke in moons and stars. Of course we never would have stooped to that, pandering to wallabies and penguins, handing out stars like handing out candy. If only there had been some river that could have washed all that magic off, all that moonshine, without washing them away as well.
—Amy Leach

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APS Academy

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A Public Space Academy is enrolling now for master classes and workshops with Dorothea Lasky, Sara Majka, Elizabeth Gaffney, Claire Messud, Leslie Jamison, Robert Sullivan, and Camille Rankine. Tickets make a wonderful Valentine's Day gift for a loved one—or for yourself.

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A Phone Call from Heaven

Sandro Veronesi | APS No. 19

This Valentine's Day, consider dreaming: in Sandro Veronesi's "A Phone Call from Heaven," a proclamation of love over Airfone to a sleeping woman on the other side of the world is mistaken for a dream, changing the shape of a romance. "I love you," Guido says, "I’m flying, and under me is a sea of amazing lights, and I love you, I’m flying, and I want to marry you... "

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Eva Speer | APS No. 27

The spotlight is on Eva Speer and her debut story "Zuiver" from the new A Public Space No. 27. At a spa in Amsterdam, strangers intersect: a young man and woman decide if they're in love while a dying glass artist searching for a cure soaks in the waters and imbues them with joy. Their only exchange: "Pardon me, my dear."

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