No. 26

I still had the Piedmontese capital in my mind; the monarchic city with its piazzas inhabited by scientists and kings, by politicians and by warriors motionless in tired and solemn poses on their pedestals of stone, I still had in mind all of the strange lyricism of its fateful geometric construction.
—Giorgio de Chirico

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Focus on Russia

Reality Invented | APS No. 02

On June 14, the World Cup kicks off in Russia, with games scheduled for 32 days in 11 cities, and global speculation at a highpoint. Russian culture and society, too, continues to fascinate Americans. With a nod to the Cup, we've unlocked an archived feature from No. 02: Reality Invented, a portfolio on Russia by Natasha Randall. Join us to explore contemporary Russia seen through literary eyes.

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Sergey Gandlevsky

Two Poems | APS No. 02

Born in Moscow in 1952, Sergey Gandlevsky was an underground poet during the Brezhnev era. Exploring political struggle through the mundane, he renders everyday actions (getting ready in the morning, walking through a square at twilight) as social questions. His poems rely on the “strangeness” of living under the Soviet regime and demonstrate the ever-present unease of such a life.

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Olga Zondberg

All Cities Are Now Identical | APS No. 02

Olga Zondberg walks readers through the streets of cities as she describes the places, smells, and stores that seem to have become a part of cities around the world. As Zondberg deconstructs the city, the self unravels, and just as with the shifts in seasons and fashions, history, too, is transformed.

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