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Winter 2017

An issue exploring iconoclasts, tensions, contrasts, antagonisms, and culture clashes that motivate art and inform conflict.

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Alexander Kan

Costumier | APS 25

"What was there to be surprised about here if… time itself, time, where he sat, was in holes, in tears—a time sieve, a time hole—bluish-black, like this dress that was blackened by those same holes." From our current issue, a seven-part story from Alexander Kan, translated by Natasha Randall.


Small Press Flea

July 29 | 10 Grand Army Plaza Brooklyn, NY

Book lovers and indie press enthusiasts in and around Brooklyn: Join A Public Space at the Brooklyn Public Library for the 4th annual BOMB Small Press Flea.

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Dorthe Nors

Karate Chop | APS 14

"Sitting there on the edge of the bed, she considered that she had most likely seen her worst and her best now. She had been down on all fours, on the edge of her nerves, naked and bound and temporarily insane at the time of the crimes." From APS 14, soured intimacy in this story from Dorthe Nors, translated by Martin Aitken.

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