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Day 13

pp. 229-247 (through “I buy black underpants so that I won’t have to wash them so often.”)

January 17, 2021 by A Public Space

“It’s an upsetting film because the white light is there the whole time, and because little by little everyone dies.”
This description of Alberico’s film is a good summary many of Ginzburg's books.

“The child would have fresh air, fresh fruit, fresh eggs and she would grow up healthy.”
Nadia’s daughter seems the only character in the novel with some concrete future to look forward to. So rarely is an orphan promised a better life than the one she’s lost.

"Pepsicola was written across the sweatshirt, just where the bullet hole was."
Poor Nadia. Not many chapters ago we all watched you eat the ham-roll and found it terribly sad and funny.

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