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Day 14

pp. 248-265 (through “…and anyway she doesn’t like children. Yours, Giuseppe)

January 18, 2021 by A Public Space

Alberica: “I have his bald, dry head in front of me, as smooth as an egg. …I like his head. It’s familiar to me.” Dr. Lanzara does not occupy much space in the novel, but his familiar head gives a sense of solace not provided by family and friends.

“Goodness knows why we look at people so vaguely. Then they die and we wish we were able to remember them.”
Lucrezia gets many of the memorable lines in this messy drama.

Giuseppe, about his step-grandchild’s role in his marriage after his affair with his stepdaughter: “The child’s presence makes our situation a little more bearable, a little easier.” The epitome of human messed-up-ness told as a dry fact. (Also, poor child.)

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