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Persuasion by Jane Austen Day 9

April 27, 2021 | Volume II, Ch. 6-7

“This was Sir Walter and Elizabeth’s share of interest in the letter; when Mrs. Clay had paid her tribute of more decent attention, in an enquiry after Mrs. Charles Musgrove and her fine little boys, Anne was at liberty.”
This sentence produces delay for us too: so many others must claim a “share” in the letter and have their say before we arrive at “liberty” for Anne. —Deidre Shauna Lynch, scholar

“‘ Though I came only yesterday, I have equipped myself properly for Bath already, you see,’ (pointing to a new umbrella).”
Captain Wentworth’s only dialogue in this scene, witty and immediate. Austen borrowed so much from theater, stage directions.

“the moment approached…though not daring to look again (for her own countenance she knew was unfit to be seen), she was yet perfectly conscious of Lady Russell’s eyes being turned exactly in the direction for him” Lady R’s carriage window like a camera.

Science Museums Group, Pen and ink, watercolour, gilt and carriage oils on board (yellow, black), [design for a] Road Perch, L Spring Landau carriage / G Clarke, [Barker & Co., London], [ca 1810]

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