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Persuasion by Jane Austen Day 14

May 2, 2021 | Volume II, final chapter Ch. 12 and Appendix of Draft Version of Final Chapters of Persuasion (which can be provided for those reading an edition where it is not included.)

“She had but two friends in the world to add to his list, Lady Russell and Mrs. Smith.” Persuasion is also a book about friendship, learning to read character, and have character, together. Hooray!

“… the dread of a future war all that could dim her sunshine. She gloried in being a sailor’s wife, but she must pay the tax of quick alarm…” Are the wars over, the wars are never over—in 1814, as now, hesitancy, possibility, open books & closed ones.

“—It was a silent, but a very powerful Dialogue;—on his side, Supplication, on her’s acceptance.”
What if this rare draft of Austen’s really was the last scene, with Anne’s silence instead of her speech and his letter that he has listened well?

Link to the draft chapters of Persuasion

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