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Persuasion by Jane Austen Day 2

April 20, 2021 | Ch. 4-5

“Such confidence, powerful in its own warmth, and bewitching in the wit which often expressed it, must have been enough for Anne; but Lady Russell saw it very differently.”
Perspectives on Captain Wentworth; Austen is so interested in perspective.

"We feel it to be true of [Austen] herself when she says of Anne, ‘—She had been forced into prudence in youth, she learned romance as she grew older, the natural sequel of an unnatural beginning.’” —Virginia Woolf, The Common Reader

“The Musgroves, like their houses, were in a state of alteration, perhaps of improvement.”
Austen writes of the continuity and change of domesticity, and care of the home. Relevant to our work here at JAH, and beautiful. —Lizzie Dunford, Director, Jane Austen’s House

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