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Persuasion by Jane Austen Day 8

April 26, 2021 | Volume II, Ch.4-5

“Anne could never see the crape round his hat, without fearing that she was the inexcusable one.”
Ways to mourn numerous as mourners: Mr. Elliot, Sir Walter, Lady Russell, Mrs. Smith, Lady Dalrymple, the Musgroves, Captain Benwick, and Anne herself.

"I certainly am proud, too proud to enjoy a welcome which depends so entirely upon place." Wow, is this really Anne Elliot speaking so firmly? Anne’s declaration of self-worth is utterly different from “the Elliot pride" & Wentworth's wounded pride. —Juliette Wells, scholar

On friendship: Mrs. Smith had been good to Anne twelve years earlier, when Anne was “grieving for the loss of a mother whom she had dearly loved.” Now Mrs. Smith, a widow, and ill herself, has “elasticity of mind,” “good sense,” and “great openness.”

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