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The Little Hotel by Christina Stead Day 7

April 12, 2021 | pages 127-147 — start: "We are not going to be hung, I hope"

“Lilia said: 'I think that is cruel.'
The Princess said: 'Oh, science is cruel; and this is a cruel age.'”
The blithe tone of the Princess feels contemporary, from our own 21st-century pandemic era, rather than the ruins of WWII.

“Did you talk to your husband about your novels?” an interviewer in Australia asked Stead.
“No, never,” Stead replied, adding that the good company she found in her spouse helped make it possible to pursue as many novels as she did. “I had luck, I tell you, I did,” she said, and steered the next question back to her work.

Even the dog is singularly absurd in The Little Hotel, Angel “plumped” to sing along at the restaurant with the Princess, the dog’s moans and howls “reasonably scaled.”

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