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The Little Hotel by Christina Stead Day 6

April 11, 2021 | pages 106-126 — start: "A signorina"

It’s clear by now that Mrs. Trollope must escape Mr. Wilkins and the suffocating stasis in the Little Hotel or she will die inside.

Stead worked on The Little Hotel between other novels for years, and there is a sense of the author sharpening the eccentricities and prejudices of her characters for a long time, all that will contribute to Mrs. Trollope’s anguish until she finally says enough.

“A few artists like Stead persevere no matter what—and then people think it is adversity that has made the artist.”
Bette Howland knew what it felt like to have one’s work continually overlooked. She recognized the uncommon urgency of Stead’s creativity that made her 14 books possible.

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