No. 07

Walter Murch translates Curzio Malaparte; Anne Carson's variations on the right to remain silent; a portfolio on Saadat Hasan Manto, Bombay's watchful son; Peter Orner on Illinois politics; Tom Drury's signs of Los Angeles; Amy Leach looks at outer space; fiction by Janet Frame, John Haskell, Mary-Beth Hughes, and Clare Wigfall; poems by Mary Jo Bang, Arda Collins, Gillian Conoley, Tom Yuill, and others.

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If You See Something

Lincoln in His Grave

No. 07 Peter Orner

When U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald said the other day that “Lincoln would roll over in his grave” if he knew what Governor Blago was up to, I had to scoff at Fitzgerald’s lame insight into Lincoln’s character.
If You See Something

A Valentine to Darwin

No. 07 Jillian Weise

Dear Darwin, I have a crush on you.
If You See Something

La Plata Perdida

No. 07 Leslie Jamison

This is how you visit the silver mines of Potosí, the highest city in the world: First, take an airplane to El Alto, where some peoples’ hearts collapse under the altitude as soon as they step off the plane.
If You See Something

Brown Loafers

No. 07 Sven Birkerts

Some years ago, before the big operations for heart and cancer that undermined him, long before he took his life, my great sad friend discovered the obsessive pleasures of fine clothing.
If You See Something

You Have to See This

No. 07 Ian Chillag

When I was eight years old, my father returned from a walk and announced he had “found something.”

Double Happiness

No. 07 Mary-Beth Hughes

The outer office was much the same as she remembered it.

Sail On, My Little Honey Bee

No. 07 Amy Leach

There is an altitude above every planet where a moon can orbit forevermore.


No. 07 Janet Frame

A mixture of mother and kindly aunt, she invited the confidence of children throughout most of the South Island, and even from farther north in the foreign places beyond Cook Strait.


No. 07 Curzio Malaparte

The Academy Award winning film editor and sound designer Walter Murch is known for his work on such films as The Godfather, Apocalypse Now, and The English Patient, but over the past decade he has also been at work translating the Italian writer Curzio Malaparte, who served in a voluntary brigade of Italians fighting alongside the French during World War I, and worked as a war correspondent during World War II.

Are You Ready?

No. 07 John Haskell

Los Angeles has been called the City of Dreams; also the City of Angels; Jim Morrison called it the City of Lights, but to me it was just a city.

Signs of LA

No. 07 Tom Drury

I've been taking pictures of Los Angeles and putting them online since May 7, 2007.

Two Poems

No. 07 Tomasz Różycki

When I began to write, I didn’t know / each of my words would bit by bit remove / things from the world and in return leave blank / spaces.

Outnumbered at 0

No. 07 Mary Jo Bang

The silent south, the workers quiet.

Have I Forgotten Anything

No. 07 Michael Teig

I go out like a slogan / in the morning.

Incivilities (“Thick”)

No. 07 Barbara Claire Freeman

Thick lines of trees bind the adjacent shore


No. 07 Gillian Conoley

It is hard to be at the right funeral.

Four Poems

No. 07 Graham Foust

Blatant and famously / alien hills.

Two Poems

No. 07 Timothy Donnelly

Thereafter it happened there would be no future / arrangements made

It Is Daylight

No. 07 Arda Collins

I called my house from a pay phone / down the street before I went home.

Two Poems

No. 07 Tom Yuill

One cannot love more than one other / With the fierceness of the love one torn / Half has for another.

Barrack Hill

No. 07 Brandon Shimoda

Liberation sounds the first trees / The wind encounters


No. 07 Eugenio Montale

Anguilla, eel, sea-siren / That, making its way from those / Cold Baltic seas to get to ours, / Our estuaries, deltas, / And into our streams, and from / The profound beneath the river rises up, / Against the downstream impetus of flow, / Upstream from branch to branch and into ever / Smaller capillaries, seeking ever / Evermore to enter

Two Poems

No. 07 Martin Edmunds

Stars & spurs & Spain, / and she wants a bed off the floor!

Sing, Muse, Wrath

No. 07 Allen Grossman

Awake or asleep the mind is aware.

From Bohr's Model

No. 07 Noah Eli Gordon

About the image of ourselves we like / To project over the rest of the world suppose / The rest of the world were imagined

The Critic Natkira

No. 07 Eliot Weinberger

According to the sixteenth century Indian poet Dhurjati, there was a king of Madurai who offered a thousand gold coins to anyone who could compose a poem that would be praised by the critics in his court.

The Parrot Jungle

No. 07 Clare Wigfall

Chicka-chicka-chicka-chicka sing the numbers on the counter as they rotate in the late afternoon sun.

Focus: Saadat Hasan Manto

No. 07 Matthew Reeck

Few names are more revered in the world of Urdu letters than that of Saadat Hasan Manto.


No. 07 Saadat Hasan Manto

Khushiya was thinking.


No. 07 Saadat Hasan Manto

We met exactly two years ago today at Apollo Harbor.


No. 07 Saadat Hasan Manto

When I left Delhi to return to Bombay, I was upset because it meant parting with good friends and a job my wife approved of—stable, easy work that netted us 250 rupees the first of each month. Nevertheless I was suddenly overcome by a desire to leave, and not even my wife’s crying and carrying on could dissuade me.


No. 07 Saadat Hasan Manto

Dhundhu was outside the Iranian restaurant across from the small park near the Nagpada Police Station, and he was leaning against the electricity pole that he manned from sunset until four in the morning.

Variations on the Right to Remain Silent

No. 07 Anne Carson

Silence is as important as words in the practice and study of translation.
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