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Four Poems

Poetry Graham Foust


We’re more distant in the red, more ugly.
I don’t know, but I’ve been told it’s a fear:
There are things less important than money.

It’s a little like watching paint not dry
or like a bomb didn’t go off in here.
We’re more boring in the dark, less ugly.

We watch the moon get up on its gurney.
We try to pretend it’s a chandelier.
There are things less important than money.

Come dawn, we’re the Polaroid of mercy,
our stomachs left unpuckered by our spears.
Reinvented by sleep, we’re still ugly.

Stapled to the promise of the daily
rage to purchase, our cause is close to clear.
There are things less important than money.

Our heads are talking over us, honey,
and there was never not a fiscal year.
We’re timeless in the red, beyond ugly.
There are things less important than money.


Only the broken breathe.


Some days, you fake it
to me, flower out.
Your animals are not
so unspecific.

A horse is a horse
of course of course.
But then there’s that
hornet at my door.


Blatant and famously
alien hills. Call them
the last, the most
patient of places.
Call me empty. Call
me anecdote. My whole
time is obscenely
small. Call me claustral.
Call me over. I’ve
forgotten how to crawl.
No. 07

No. 07


Graham Foust is the author of six books of poems, including To Anacreon in Heaven and Other Poems (Flood), which was a finalist for the Believer Poetry Award. With Samuel Frederick, he has also translated three books by the late German poet Ernst Meister, including Wallless Space (Wave).


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