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Hue and Cry by James Alan McPherson Day 5

February 19, 2021 | A New Place

“But then Ellen got pissed at me too and stalked out the door, that long brown hair trailing behind her in the breeze she made.” “Some of that long brown hair of hers was stuck to her face where it was wet.”
I enjoyed Joe’s ironic references to his girlfriend Ellen’s whiteness.

“There’ll be new things tomorrow but it’ll be the same place.”
Again, reminded of Giovanni’s Room, “one of the real troubles with living is that living is so banal.”

“I’d like to see one of you guys bleed anyway ‘cause I got this bet with a buddy that you ain’t human.”
After the scene with the trucker, Joe thinks Jack is “losing it,” losing touch with reality. But both must accept a reality in which a white stranger’s disparagement is commonplace. How to define masculinity in such a reality?

“Thinking too much can be a bad scene. I guess that’s what happened to Jack. His mind must have beat him out of the straight life.”
In "A New Place," it’s as if we see the protagonist of “All the Lonely People” from the outside.

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