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Hue and Cry by James Alan McPherson Day 2

February 16, 2021 | On Trains

“The waiters say…”
The echo of a vanishing train story caught by the young summer worker just prior to the folding of the Pullman Company in early 1969.

“The lady at the deuce looked at her fiercely.”
So much contained in the adverb: the fierceness is private language, aimed with heat, ignored by the receiver. It’s aimed to unsettle, missing the mark, but stubborn in its righteousness and bigotry and contempt.

“…and his eyes, which had only minutes before flashed brightly from the face of the conductor to the enraged face of the lady, now seemed to dull and turn inward as only those who have learned to suffer silently can turn their eyes inward.”
A description of human suffering told with honest authority.

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