No. 17

Douglas Crase on Michelle Jaffé’s Wappen Field; John Haskell in Los Angeles; Peter Orner in Chicago; Jessica Francis Kane on Thomas Lane; Tom Drury at the zoo; Hervé Guibert’s journals; poems from Palestine; stories by Patricio Pron and Christina Hesselholdt; poems by Suzanne Buffam, Monica Ferrell, Vijay Seshadri, and others; and introducing Megan Cummins.


American Lawn

No. 17 Jessica Francis Kane

The white paper stood out among the faded posters announcing diversions she’d tried in years past—yoga, piano lessons, French conversation.

Railroad Men’s Home

No. 17 Peter Orner

Henry’s enemy lived next door.


No. 17 John Haskell

The story I’m in begins, not at the beginning because there is no beginning, but I remember sitting behind a desk.

Missing Things

No. 17 Adam Clay

It didn’t occur to me that I should miss / the sidewalks.


No. 17 Vijay Seshadri

Not just because of my cold, cold heart, / pumping absolute zero in the glacial void / do I not know anyone truly

In Which the Pathetic Fallacy Wants to Even More

No. 17 Mark Bibbins

Frankly I don’t follow this / strategy of yours

Altered Proverbs

No. 17 ​Suzanne Buffam

People who live in glass houses should install blinds.

From The Dictionary of the History of Ideas: Casuistry

No. 17 ​Brian Blanchfield

It scarcely varies.

In the Fetus Museum

No. 17 Monica Ferrell

You tiny Nero among peacock silks

Three Poems

No. 17 Pierre Reverdy

A little mark shines between your fluttering eyelids.

Sever Sonnet

No. 17 Andrew Zawacki

Fire / Wall and wall / -flower, you, a blossom of ice at the frontier


No. 17 Elizabeth Willis

No one uses the running path / anymore

Two Poems

No. 17 Brian Teare

from my bed’s edge / I take a step / forward

Two Poems

No. 17 Ghassan Zaqtan

Tiny mirrors released me into my mother’s palms

Aperture on a Virtual Field

No. 17 ​Douglas Crase

I had the good luck to encounter Michelle Jaffé’s room-sized installation, Wappen Field, at the Bosi Contemporary gallery in New York early in August 2012.

Camilla—and the Rest of the Party

No. 17 ​Christina Hesselholdt

Charles is ill.

Misty and the Argonauts

No. 17 Tom Drury

At first the reading man sat at the bar.

We Are Holding Our Own

No. 17 Megan Cummins

All that vanished time rattled around inside him like engine knock.

The Mausoleum of Lovers

No. 17 Hervé Guibert

I think that death, when it comes, is ardently desired by the body (abrupt spring shower), that it is just the respite from a fatal disgust.

Something in Us Wants to Be Saved

No. 17 Patricio Pron

We opened the bottle and took a long sip before lying down on the grass and looking at the clouds:
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