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Altered Proverbs

Poetry ​Suzanne Buffam

People who live in glass houses should install blinds.
Home is where the Walmart is.
Where there’s a will there’s a lawsuit.
Let he who is without sin take the first bong hit.
In the kingdom of the blond the albino is king.
Two in the bush is better than nothing.
If you lie down with poets, you will get up with fleas.
When in Rome stay at the Ritz.
The road to hell wasn’t built in a day.
Oil and water make the world go round.
The grass is always greener over graves.
To forgive is human, to forget divine.
A journey of a thousand miles begins when the fat lady sings.
Truth is stranger than the sum of its parts.
No. 17

No. 17


​Suzanne Buffam is the author of Past Imperfect (House of Anansi Press) and Interiors (Delirium Press). She is currently completing a second manuscript of poems. She lives in Chicago where she serves on the creative writing faculty at the University of Chicago.


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