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Day 8

The Robber Bridegroom. Godfather Death. The Rose.

November 5, 2020 by Yiyun Li

"They forced her to drink some wine, one white, one red, one yellow, and before long her heart burst into two." The Robber Bridegroom
The atrocities of the robbers aside, their heartbreaking recipe is intriguing: mix all three, it's an orange wine.

"Here you can see the candles that are the light of human lives...Sometimes even children and young people only have small candles." Godfather Death
Sometimes a nightingale can have a chest cold, a dolphin a toothache; sometimes a fairytale is just sad.

"The mother went over to the child's bed and discovered that he had died. But he looked peaceful. And the rose was in full bloom that morning." The Rose One must believe that some roses bloom without taking away a child's life. Some roses simply bloom.

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