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Day 3

Little Brother and Little Sister. How Children Played Butcher with Each Other.

October 31, 2020 by Yiyun Li

“They deliberated at length on the matter and had no idea what to do, for they realized that it had all been child’s play.” How Children Played Butcher with Each other

Once upon a time, in a communist country, a soldier shot an actor mid-scene, who played an evil landlord on stage. I heard the tale of the shooting when I was four. I loved singing the lead song from that opera, which was called “The White-haired Maiden.”

"It's time for us to leave home and seek our fortune out in the world.' "If I don't go, I'll die of grief." These lines, spoken by the little brother and little sister, have been spoken by thousands of brave children. Their parents, braver.

Tolstoy, after War and Peace and Anna Karenina, wrote a collection of tales for children.

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