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Day 4

(through "a little longer than the night before.")

January 31, 2021 by A Public Space

"One day she sat down to her typewriter and wrote a story–a story in which there were foreigners, trap doors, and millions of dollars."
Miss Amelia as a writer: a poignant moment. Even the most omniscient narrator falls short in reproducing a mind feeling poetic.

"Like most people in such a position of uncertainty, she did the worst thing possible–she began following several courses at once, all of them contrary to each other."
Miss Amelia, however peculiar, can still be a good and terrifying mirror for us to see ourselves.

"No value has been put on human life; it is given to us free and taken without being paid for. What is it worth?"
An astonishing statement in any book, but it is breathtakingly chilling in this one.

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