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Day 1

pp. 3-12 (through "Soon the premise above the store were dark as the rest of the town.")

January 28, 2021 by A Public Space

"Her marriage had been unlike any other marriage ever contracted in this country."
"I am hunting for Miss Amelia Evans."
Contracted, hunting––McCullers's word choice is efficient and thrilling.

Miss Amelia's store carries "feed, guano, and staples..."
Guano: a fertilizer containing the accumulated excrement of seabirds or bats.
One nearly wishes for a McCullers novel about guano harvesters or guano dealers.

The description of Miss Amelia's whiskey and its soul revealing effect is just perfect. Who doesn't want to feel as the spinner with a flower in his palm–"a sweetness keen as pain" or the weaver looking at the sky–"a deep fright at his own smallness stop his heart"?

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