No. 14

"It had a great feeling of unreality": the designer Eva Zeisel's Soviet prison memoir; Teju Cole's epigraphs of the eye; John Haskell on joy; Therese Stanton on Walt Whitman; stories by Dorthe Nors, Peter Orner, Justin Tussing, and Jesmyn Ward; poems by Roberto Bolaño, Julie Carr, Billy Collins, and others.


Is That You, Walt Whitman?

No. 14 Therese Stanton

At first he thought the men were naked.

Epigraphs of the Eye

No. 14 Teju Cole

When I began to think about what to think about the tenth anniversary of the attacks, I went out walking.

Prison Memoir

No. 14 Eva Zeisel

Memories of long ago are not true.

Karate Chop

No. 14 Dorthe Nors

She had once been advised to listen well to what a man said just when he began to sense a woman was showing interest in him.

The Runner

No. 14 Justin Tussing

The boy’s birth had been unreasonable, in all the ordinary ways.

Two Poems

No. 14 Julie Carr

The carpenter will be arriving / Sometime after the holiday

The Pier Leaps Out

No. 14 ​Monica Fambrough

The pier leaps out / toward the ocean

Did You Ever Suspect Anything When You Were Growing Up?

No. 14 ​H. L. Hix

It just started one day, that eerie screaming, / my inconsolability given voice, / given back as if from some bird or from trees.


No. 14 ​David Gorin

This cigarette burns but is never consumed.


No. 14 Billy Collins

Whatever it was that just flew out of my head / did not leave a trace, / not a contrail in the sky, / not a footprint in the new snow.

River Crossing

No. 14 Brian Henry

There, where stones populate / the underneath, splay / rain as it blends & stops

Boxes with Respect to Emily Dickinson

No. 14 Kimiko Hahn

Orangey orange glow inside a silver bowl and atop a silver neck.

Two Poems

No. 14 Colette Inez

Born to the summer, guest of Castor and Pollux, / horseman and boxer.

Scottish Fleet Pattern Number Twenty-Four

No. 14 Caroline Knox

A saltwater event, with its airs of tarred line and other fibers: / a storm, a sky of black nonchalance

From A Stroll Through Literature

No. 14 Roberto Bolaño

I dreamt I was out walking on the boardwalk in New York and in the distance I could see the figure of Manuel Puig.

You Can’t Say Dallas Doesn’t Love You

No. 14 Peter Orner

It is not our destiny here to get comfort from old familiar places.


No. 14 Jesmyn Ward



No. 14 John Haskell

I was in the center of Leipzig, coming out of a bookstore, and across the street from the bookstore a building was being demolished.
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