No. 28

Belonging and excluded, borders and crossings, the solid and the porous. From evening to day, imagined to real. The populous and the particular. This is an issue about dualities. Inside and outside, and the interstitial between.


Outside Inside

No. 28 Brigid Hughes

This is an issue about dualities. Inside and outside, and the interstitial between.

A Llama in Times Square

No. 28 Inge Morath


Two Ladders

No. 28 Gertrude Abercrombie


Four Stories

No. 28 Edward McWhinney

It was time at last for a full renunciation of the way I had been living, fast then slow, the blood and brain, the inner dynamo.

In the Forest

No. 28 Zhang Zao

Listen: something has happened.


No. 28 Sarah Hall

The wind is directionless, confusing the trees, loosening siding and tiles. Creatures of flight have put themselves away.

The Let-Out

No. 28 Jamel Brinkley

So much is made about the importance of depth in human interactions, but what about the delicate surface, what about the skin?
Public Access

Simple as That

No. 28 Miyó Vestrini

When you wake up / keep quiet / find ecstasy.

Idol, Idol

No. 28 Masayoshi Sukita


The Mystery

No. 28 Lídia Jorge

My writing...maybe it's nothing. But still, as long as I'm alive, I'll say, "Here, it's for you."

Orange Means Red

No. 28 Kayla Blatchley

"You can't always tell from the outside," Sue says. "But something was wrong. Something was wrong, and the mother knew it."

Recreation Management

No. 28 Deirdre McNamer

I didn’t know if I could live in a world that seemed to me now like the essence of shark. That vicious unlit eye.

Das Patent

No. 28 Nin Brudermann

I set out upon a normal investigation and found that invention required all the same components.

Dream Diary

No. 28 Yanyi

There stands this person who is also a talisman.

In a Bucharest Journal

No. 28 John Freeman

Read it, imagine / me listening without trying.

Poem for Éluard

No. 28 Matthew Zapruder

what clouds can teach us / in the capital of sadness / is the rose / is always public

That to Philosophize is to Learn to Die

No. 28 Elisa Gabbert

I want to die someday. I don't want to die laughing.

Tartarus and Shackleton

No. 28 Kate Colby

This is just a trick: a ship breaks in half then sinks.

The Stars Down to Earth

No. 28 Timothy Donnelly

The froth is white like wool. The froth is white like thought.

On Death: Little Odes

No. 28 Hilda Hilst

Contraction’s flash: / My love, I know / It’s you.

Home is a Foreign Place

No. 28 Zarina


Worcester: A Free People’s Workshop

No. 28 Cheryl Savageau

Nobody told us our voices were wrong.


No. 28 Jill Desimini

The best kind of property is shared, designed to benefit widely, and without bounds.

Black, Black, Red, Black

No. 28 Anne Elliott

You came here to feel comfortable? To talk about the weather?

Alabama Silo

No. 28 Timothy Hursley


A War Story

No. 28 Alice Elliott Dark

There were no borders or boundaries, just differences in taste from one house to the next. I was going from taste to taste, and that was all.

The Magic Mountain

No. 28 Ben Loory

When the book came, everything changed.

Birch Trees

No. 28 Taylor Plimpton

Explanations sometimes miss the point.

Sky Mound

No. 28 Robert Sullivan

We could hear the morning rush-hour traffic thundering above us, oblivious.

Space is Concrete

No. 28 Richard Tuttle


The White Road

No. 28 Kelly Link

Someday we will better understand what has happened to make all things change in such a small space of time.

The Monkey in the Whirlpool

No. 28 Selva Almada

That was the end of the dream. And then the man covered his face and began to cry, because he was reminded of his dead father, who once told him he had a gift.

East Meets West

No. 28 Tseng Kwong Chi

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