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On Plot

Ryūnosuke Akutagawa & Jun’ichirō Tanizaki

Translated from the Japanese by David Boyd


About the author

Ryūnosuke Akutagawa (1892–1927) is often considered the father of the Japanese short story. Among his best-known stories is “In a Grove,” of which Akira Kurosawa’s classic 1950 film Rashōmon is a retelling. Japan’s premier literary award, the Akutagawa Prize, is named after him.

Jun’ichirō Tanizaki (1886–1965) was one of the most important writers of modern Japanese literature. The author of over twenty books, including The Makioka Sisters, Some Prefer Nettles, and In Praise of Shadows, he was the first Japanese writer to be elected as an honorary member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters.

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