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Exteriors, Interiors

It has trouble enough of its own
this place that wishes to be left
   to its own devices—

is awhiled with wan, long-length'd
with the solemnity of loomed

But I'm certain of not being certain
that there is someone
in that exterior. If I could enter now
behind the arch, for example
   (the where
the one watches) I feel as certain as I am
    leaning that anguished amber
the one
   out and out
who is not seen

*The Seer, a painting by Giorgio de Chirico

No. 26

No. 26


Russell Atkins is a poet, composer, and editor. Born in Cleveland in 1926, his chapbooks and small-press books include A Podium Presentation; Phenomena; Objects; Objects 2; Heretofore; The Nail, to Be Set to Music; Maleficium; and Whichever. His only full-length collection, Here in The, was published by the Cleveland State Poetry Center.


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