In the Mansion of Supersonic Dreams

Poetry Sarah Crossland

Tonight I stand under the shower’s blue stoplight
  for nine hundred years. Tallying the centuries,

each number a chaser, surviving only until the next
  pale digit takes its place. In the other living

rooms of our house, my mother wipes a pink sachet
  of dust from the corner hutch; my father in his haste

breaks tops from sweet corn, his fingers beneath
  the husks and culling up, as if in the dwarf garden

finding out weeds. We have our seven tasks that make us
  human. Always tending the alphabet, the coppered,

the cold museums. In my room now, just having missed
  the wastebasket: braids and bundles left over

from the comb’s bounty. Hair yellow as a stove.
  Each night I must make my way through it

to the parts that naturally fall. And always walking
  with this clean skin, coaxed forever cleaner

by the crooked hands of water. Someone has made
  a place for me here. I wrap the bath sheet around

a chair’s back as if wrapping a cloak around the old,
  blind king who must carry the kingdom

in his tinderbox. If I don’t take my air along with me
  wherever I go, if I don’t watch for midnight

tigers among the otherwise unpainted hallways, if
  I don’t come to a doorknob as if shaking hands

with the god I have been told to look for,
  then how else could I be here, continuing—

harnessing these days and days.

“Each new issue feels like a public report from many individual private spheres.” —Antoine Wilson

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Issue 22



Winter 2015


Sarah Crossland is the recipient of the 2012 Boston Review Poetry Prize and a 2013 AWP Intro Journals Award. She works as the Program Director for WriterHouse in Charlottesville.


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