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Moby-Dick by Herman Melville Day 17

April 5, 2022 | Chapters 73-77

Right Whale was so named because it was the “right” whale to hunt—slow moving, and after being killed it floats. All whales should be the wrong whales to hunt; why not rename the Right Whale as the Left Whale, to be left alone?

“Why then do you try to ‘enlarge’ your mind? Subtilize it.” Subtilize it! A worthy life goal. (An aside: children nowadays take enrichment classes. Yet none of my enriching experiences from childhood came from being enriched or enlarged by adults.)

“Doesn’t the devil live for ever; who ever heard that the devil was dead? Did you ever see any parson a wearing mourning for the devil?” Aye, Stubb. God is dead after Nietzsche, and yet no one has come to announce the death of the devil.

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