No. 29

In these times of fragments and fragmented times, what are the shapes of our comfort. Built and imagined. What gives boundaries and connection, healing and shelter, familiar pathways and points of rebellion.

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Anne Elliott

What if revision were a playful experiment, not a search for solutions? How can we reframe our approach to writing and edit with curiosity rather than dread? Abandon perfectionism and join us for the Revision Laboratory, a six session writing workshop led by Anne Elliott. Register here. Sundays, May 23—June 27, on Zoom.


W.G. Sebald

Join us for a virtual discussion of W.G. Sebald's The Emigrants, led by Elisa Gabbert in the June edition of #APStogether, our series of virtual book clubs, free and open to all. Starting June 10, you can read Elisa's daily posts, and comments from our fellow readers, on our Twitter and Instagram accounts. Then join us for a virtual discussion at the end of the book club, on June 22—register here.


Friederike Mayröcker

"In Mayröcker’s death-haunted late style, the poet’s power expresses itself in a rigorous program of documentation and transcription… to preserve in poetry what is being lost or has been lost in life." —Ryan Ruby on The Communicating Vessels.

The Communicating Vessels
Friederike Mayröcker The Communicating Vessels
Mark Hage Capital
Bette Howland, introduction by Yiyun Li W-3

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