No. 28

Belonging and excluded, borders and crossings, the solid and the porous. From evening to day, imagined to real. The populous and the particular. This is an issue about dualities. Inside and outside, and the interstitial between.

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William Maxwell

"A novel with a dramatic story to tell [with] a quiet core, a thrumming beautiful dignified quiet core about loss, and that is the magnetic pull that brings me to it again and again." Join us for a virtual discussion of So Long, See You Tomorrow by William Maxwell with Aimee Bender on Thursday, October 22. Register here.

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Public Spaces

As we start a new season, still isolated from the wider world, a selection of pieces from the magazine's archive that take us out into the city—and celebrate moments of serendipity and the possibilities of the chance encounter. With work from Mindy Fullilove, Robert Sullivan, Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts, and others.



A new series of free virtual book clubs, hosted by Garth Greenwell, Elizabeth McCracken, Claire Messud, Ayana Mathis, Carl Phillips, Ilya Kaminsky, Ed Park, Elliott Holt, Sarah Shun-lien Bynum, Aimee Bender, and others.

Communicating Vessels
Friederike Mayröcker Communicating Vessels
Mark Hage Capital
Bette Howland, introduction by Yiyun Li W-3

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