No. 28

Belonging and excluded, borders and crossings, the solid and the porous. From evening to day, imagined to real. The populous and the particular. This is an issue about dualities. Inside and outside, and the interstitial between.

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Worcester, MA

Remembering the 1970s

"Nobody told us our voices were wrong": Cheryl Savageau on Etheridge Knight, the Free People's Workshop, and the oversize mill town that was the unlikely center of poetry in New England.


On Editing

Deborah Treisman

“That’s what editors do. For us, the work is not about us. It’s about the writer and the text, and immersing yourself in the voice of the story and leaving your own voice somewhere else, where it can nag your kids, or compare notes with your husband, or sing in the shower.” —Deborah Treisman, accepting the 2019 Deborah Pease Prize


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Support the Next Generation of Editors

The aim of the new Editorial Fellowship to support a cadre of editors who will offer a more diverse publishing community. Our goal is to raise $20,000 by January 15 toward a matching grant from the Whiting Foundation’s Literary Magazine Prize. And with this program to create a framework for the art of editing, bridging tradition and evolution. You can donate here.

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