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Editorial Fellows

The 2021 A Public Space Editorial Fellowships

December 7, 2020

A Public Space is pleased to announce that applications for the 2021 Editorial Fellowship, a program for aspiring editors, will open on January 1. It is our hope to support the next generation of editors who will offer a more diverse publishing community—culturally, aesthetically, economically.

The Fellowship will offer a curriculum that integrates education, experience, mentorship, and the opportunity for innovation. The Fellow will receive training in all aspects of editing, from evaluating submissions through to publication of a piece. As part of the program, they will also learn about publishing history, including looking at examples of writer-editor interactions and the role of the editor in a changing landscape.

This is a nine-month program, from March 15 through December 15. A Public Space is based in New York City. The staff is expected to work virtually in 2021, but the Editorial Fellow must be a resident of New York City. They will participate in all aspects of our publishing programs, including evaluation, curation, editing, production, marketing, publicity, circulation, and distribution. They will work closely with the senior editorial staff on both the magazine and book imprint; and will have the opportunity to meet leading figures in the publishing community. Fellows will also curate a series of Master Classes with editors as part of A Public Space’s academy. Applications will be accepted between January 1–January 31.


Compensation: $10,000 stipend, to be paid bi-weekly

Eligibility: A strong interest in literary publishing and a commitment to promoting literature are the only prerequisites. Preference will be given to aspiring editors who have not worked extensively in literary publishing, and who may have limited access to career opportunities in the industry. Candidates outside of New York City are encouraged to apply, but A Public Space cannot fund relocation expenses. A Public Space reserves the right to invite candidates. Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to sponsor work visas.

Timeline: Submittable will be open for Editorial Fellowship submissions between January 1–January 31, 2021. Submissions for the Fellowships close at 11:59 p.m. (EST) on January 31. Successful applicants will be informed no later than March 1, 2021. The Fellowship will begin March 15, 2021.

Procedure: Only electronic submissions will be considered. Applications must be submitted through the Editorial Fellowship category in Submittable. (The category will not be available until January 1.) There is no application fee. Please submit the following:

—A cover letter describing your interest in the Editorial Fellowship; how you envision the role of an editor; the influences and experience that you will bring to your work as an editor; and your goals for the fellowship and beyond the fellowship.
—A short (one page or less) excerpt from a work by a non-establishment writer; and a brief statement telling us why this writer and passage appeals, and why you feel work such as this should be championed by editors.
—A short (one page or less) review of a book you read recently. Please include how you learned about the book—whether from a review, social media, a bookstore or library recommendation, a chance encounter.
—Please also include where you heard about the Editorial Fellowship.

Note that we only accept PDF or Word files (.doc and .docx). Please submit the cover letter, CV, excerpt, and review as one file. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

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