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Summer 2012

Robert Sullivan on the landscape of the American Revolution in Almanac; Suzanne Sullivan's revolutionary quilts; Guillermo Fadanelli at the beach; Gus Powell on the streets of Amsterdam; C.F. Ramuz at the circus; Jack Livings in China; Kathleen Jamie's pilgrimage to Rona; poems by Adrienne Rich, Robyn Schiff, Graham Foust, Joshua Beckman, and others; and introducing Annie Sloniker.



Issue 16 Jack Livings

Yang had come home from the factory for lunch.

Holy Week Vacation

Issue 16 Guillermo Fadanelli

Vacation has begun.


Issue 16 Robert Sullivan

History is in the panorama, buried like old stones or sediment from an older era.

A Calculated Aimlessness

Issue 16 Elizabeth Gaffney

"Bob walks me to work every day at the preschool where I teach, and while we walk he talks to me about what he’s writing."

The Circus

Issue 16 C. F. Ramuz

After the sun went down, you saw the streets of the town fill with people.
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Issue 16 Annie Sloniker

Her name was Ruby and she would have been nine.

Negative Space

Issue 16 Gus Powell

A man and a woman move into a new apartment.


Issue 16 Adrienne Rich

This chair delivered yesterday / built for a large heavy man / left me from his estate / lies sidewise legs upturned

Two Poems

Issue 16 Graham Foust

The day is perfectly just out of focus.

Tinnitus Asks a Question

Issue 16 Samuel Amadon

Ringing on the street, you know, that day I saw / a girl on a bike get hit by a pickup
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Issue 16 Robyn Schiff

The pure spores of anthrax / go forward

Two Poems

Issue 16 Paul Verlaine

I can barely discern, / Through a murmur, / Erotic polyphony— / A diaphane, a daybreak.

Two Poems

Issue 16 Joshua Beckman

Bug cloud was my cabin at sleepaway camp

[I Want You to Come Now!]

Issue 16 Kristina Lugn

I want you to come now!

Two Poems

Issue 16 Simone Muench

How long have I left you?—played the wolf / or the witch.

Shandong Morning

Issue 16 Jon Cotner

A farmer / takes his 87- / year-old mother / to Beijing / on a tricycle

We’re Flying

Issue 16 Peter Stamm

Six o’clock came and went, but Angelika wasn’t really worried.

On Rona

Issue 16 Kathleen Jamie

Far over the horizon, out in the North Atlantic, where one might expect a clear run to Iceland or even Labrador, or, if anything, just a guano-streaked gull slum, the island of Rona is one last green hill rising from the waves.
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