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A Public Space

No. 15

Maud Casey on Albert Dadas and the will to wonder; Leslie Jamison on the West Memphis Three; Joel Rotenberg translates Ernst Weiss; Martha Cooley reads Berlin Alexanderplatz; Jeroen Toirkens’s Nomads; stories by Mary-Beth Hughes, Tania James, and Sarah A. Strickley; poems by Timothy Donnelly, Jorie Graham, Matthea Harvey, W. G. Sebald, and others.

Table of Contents



A Stubborn Desire

The way of Saint James, a pilgrimage route culminating at the tomb of Saint James in Santiago Compostela in Spain, passed through Bordeaux during the Middle Ages.

Maud Casey



Lost Cat

​Rosalyn hunched behind the wheel of her aging Saab and texted her children.

Mary-Beth Hughes



Woman Lives in House Made of People (Weekly World News)

They were lonely. I was alone.

Matthea Harvey



Libraries & Museums

Their hush and their order and their devotion to the past are a deep comfort to us.

Kathleen Ossip



Crystalline Structure, Threat of Weather

Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet, a founder / of the first American school for / the deaf, Wallace Stevens, and Samuel Colt—three buried in Cedar Hill / Cemetery, Hartford, Connecticut.

Bin Ramke



Apologies from the Ground Up

The staircase hasn’t changed much through the centuries

Timothy Donnelly



Two Poems

The sea swallows bodies / and spits them out smarter

Stefania Heim



Three Poems

like Kafka’s essay / on Goethe’s abominable / nature

W. G. Sebald



The Collapse

There is no light in the hole.

Sarah A. Strickley



The Bird That Begins It

In the world-famous night which is already flinging away bits of dark

Jorie Graham



Jeroen Toirkens’s Nomads

The major part of our work consists of waiting.

Jelle Brandt Corstius




Jeroen Toirkens



The Poor Prodigal

Writing was always an illicit pleasure for me.

Ernst Weiss



The Scriptological Review

This is not a guide to good handwriting.

Tania James



Lost Boys

The first film begins with bicycles salvaged from a muddy creek.

Leslie Jamison



Praise Song for Berlin Alexanderplatz

Games I play while riding the subway: Check out the passengers, decide which are adulterers.

Martha Cooley

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