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Winter 2008

Cattle Haul: the debut of Jesmyn Ward; Leslie Jamison reads Vladimir Propp; Ian Chillag on Kurt Vonnegut; Zoe Ferraris listens in on the secret phone calls of Saudi women; Lucy Begg illustrates Richard Linklater's treehouse; Peter Trachtenberg on narratives of suffering; Steve Featherstone's photographs from Afghanistan; stories by James Lasdun, Wells Tower, and Ernst Weiss; poems by Fanny Howe, Caroline Knox, Andrew McCord; Kevin Young, and more.

If You See Something


Issue 05 Zoe Ferraris

Just after the first Gulf War, I moved to Jeddah with my husband.
If You See Something
Public Access

Shark Means Knife

Issue 05 Ian Chillag

The story goes that as a child my mother finished a book every day.
If You See Something

Off the Pages and Onto the Sidewalk

Issue 05 Roland Kelts

Ten p.m. in Shimokitazawa, a neighborhood of circuitous alleyways ten minutes or so west of central Tokyo by train.
If You See Something

The Revenge of the Angry Black Artist

Issue 05 Jervey Tervalon

Years ago, when I was a Disney Screenwriting Fellow (a program that evolved out of the need for Disney never again to be dead last in employing women and writers of color, probably more out of corporate embarrassment than enlightened self interest), I had the thankless task, they didn’t even own the rights, of adapting Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man.

The Rat Ship

Issue 05 Ernst Weiss

If I am to explain how, because of my father, I became the person I am, I must begin with the story of my father, with the man who had a determining influence on my youth.

The High Window

Issue 05 Fanny Howe

These long white days / Have gone by with no recording.

The Detour Across the Delaware

Issue 05 Tomaž Šalamun

Inebriating. We’re inebriating. Seasons are / clay windows, we climb through them / all radiant.

I Don’t Burn

Issue 05 Kevin Young

Dear Darkness—consider this / my last attempt / to reach you.

The Ghost of Edna Lieberman

Issue 05 Roberto Bolaño

They visit you in the darkest hour / all of your lost loves.

Two Poems

Issue 05 Pam Rehm

Renunciation / is an evolved form / of desire

Two Poems

Issue 05 Caroline Knox

I packed up the books


Issue 05 ​Andrew McCord

It’s five o’clock, we’re walking in the sun / Down an over-wide, under-ridden road

Two Poems

Issue 05 Angie Yuan

The pieces that broke off the Song Dynasty / horse as it was crated from Hong / Kong to Norfolk

Slow Demolition, Huron and State

Issue 05 ​Aaron McCollough

The plaster / will come down in blue dust / with these hoses turned upon it / and the sun in its house

The Virtues of Birds

Issue 05 Craig Morgan Teicher

Two birds came upon a crust of bread lying on the path through the woods.

De La Rue’s Envelope Machine

Issue 05 Robyn Schiff

With output of twenty-seven hundred envelopes an hour where prior but three thousand were made a day, cry when you consider the empty envelopes piled on each of our desks

The Old Man

Issue 05 James Lasdun

The two women appeared in Conrad’s office late one afternoon in March.

Field Notes from a Treehouse

Issue 05 Lucy Begg

"Do not worry if you have built castles in the air . . . that is where they should be . . . now put the foundations under them . . ." —Henry David Thoreau

Door in Your Eye

Issue 05 Wells Tower

That first evening in my new city, I had a phone call from my father, wanting to know how I was getting on.
Public Access

Cattle Haul

Issue 05 Jesmyn Ward

It’s easier driving through the country, especially when you doing a cattle haul.


Issue 05 Samantha Hunt

There is a tiny Southerner inside me.

Heads Up: Military Graffiti in Kuwait and Afghanistsan

Issue 05 Steve Featherstone

Last July, I was stranded for a week at Camp Ali Al Salem, a U.S. military base in Kuwait.

Lessons for a Dead Hare

Issue 05 Mario Bellatin

In one of the texts in The Notebook of Things that Are Difficult to Explain, the blind poet speaks of a certain event that took place in an institution known as the Last Citadel.

Morphology of the Hit

Issue 05 Leslie Jamison

We begin with the first function.

The Grief Work

Issue 05 Peter Trachtenberg

“All his life Peter was afraid of flying,” Sally Goodrich said.
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