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Dear Defacer

Ander Monson


About the author

Ander Monson is the author of six books, including Neck Deep and Other Predicaments (Graywolf Press) and Other Electricities (Sarabande Books). He is an editor for Diagram and for the New Michigan Press in Tucson, where he teaches at the University of Arizona. His work in this issue is part of Letter to a Future Lover, a collection of short essays written in—and in response to—libraries and things found in libraries that are printed on 6 x 9 cards and published back into the books and libraries where they began. “Dear Defacer” responds to two hundred pages of marginalia in the Gay & Lesbian Biography found in the University of Arizona library and was published back into that book as a response to the defacer and future readers. Letter to a Future Lover will be published in a limited edition unbound, in a box, in 2015, followed by a trade edition to be published by Graywolf Press.

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