ISBN: 978-1-7339730-76
Pages: 128
Publication Date: October 20, 2020


For several years, Mark Hage has been observing the shuttering of small and iconic retail spaces in New York City. “At first, and perhaps out of discomfort, I walked by thinking of them as surface, without seeking depth or further understanding. But with time, I started to look inside, lingered, and began to take photographs of the worlds within.” Capital reframes the story of gentrification in a meditation on vestiges and accidental composition. An elegy to a changing city becomes an homage to the anonymous hands that built it.


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Mark Hage, long based in New York’s SoHo neighborhood, has taught at Parsons, Harvard, and Yale on the narratives of form and structure from ancient times to the present. His work has appeared in NOON and A Public Space, where he is a contributing editor.

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