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Fall 2015

G.  R. Swenson protests MOMA with a ? / Pita Amor in neon lights / Fame and Rejection / Saul Bellow’s letters from a safe-deposit box / Looking for Natalie de Blois on Park Avenue / The last years of Black Mountain College / Elena Ferrante and the art of concealment / Merce Cunningham dances / On the life of studios / The architecture of freedom

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To Our Readers

Support the Next Decade of APS

Over the past decade, A Public Space has been a refuge for the overlooked, the indefinable, the not-to-be-found-elsewhere. This coming year will be A Public Space’s 10th anniversary—please join us in our next decade by including A Public Space in your year-end giving.

Public Access

Yiyun Li

Kindness | APS 10

In a recent interview, Mary Gaitskill named Yiyun Li's "Kindness" as one of her favorite stories. "Kindness," which first appeared in APS 10, can be read in full in our online archive.


Chance Encounters

Introducing A Public Space 23

What is it to seek public attention; to receive it; to lose it; to flee from it; to disregard it? This issue built itself around a weft of discovery: of artists who have been lost to a kind of erasure, intended or inflicted; and works that do not stack on obvious shelves.

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