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Winter 2015

"Everyone who is alive has a ghost inside them, don't they?" –Kelly Link's ​N​ew Boyfriend; ​Jamel Brinkley's Lucky Man; ​​fiction from Kathmandu by Prawin Adhikari; John Haskell remembers George Trow; Julia Cooke ​participates in​ the Parable Conference; ​​new fiction by​ ​Garth Greenwell​ and Anna Noyes​; poems by Maria d'Arezzo, Caroline Knox, Kevin Prufer, and others; and introducing Andrea Maturana.

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Franklin Park

Brooklyn, NY | June 8

APS Emerging Writer Fellow Jai Chakrabarti will read alongside APS contributors Mary-Beth Hughes and Adam Fitzgerald at June's installment of the Franklin Park Reading Series. The evening will also feature readings by Marlon James, Angel Nafis, and Shya Scanlon.

Public Access

Sara Majka

Strangers | APS 20

"When she left he watched her walking in the thick air, her white blouse lit by the moon, like she was a spectral thing moving away from him. But what good is there in keeping the things you don’t want, simply because they are something?"


Frantz Fanon

Brooklyn, NY | June 11 - 25

Join The Brooklyn Institute for Social Research for Fanon: Anticolonialism and Revolution, a three-week course led by Anjuli Raza Kalb. The course will serve as an intensive introduction to Fanon’s philosophical and political writings, and will take place in the offices of APS.

The Loved Ones
Mary Beth Hughes The Loved Ones
The Game for Real
Richard Weiner The Game for Real
The Book of Aron
Jim Shepard The Book of Aron
Time Ages in a Hurry
Antonio Tabucchi Time Ages in a Hurry

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