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Winter 2015

"Everyone who is alive has a ghost inside them, don't they?" –Kelly Link's ​N​ew Boyfriend; ​Jamel Brinkley's Lucky Man; ​​fiction from Kathmandu by Prawin Adhikari; John Haskell remembers George Trow; Julia Cooke ​participates in​ the Parable Conference; ​​new fiction by​ ​Garth Greenwell​ and Anna Noyes​; poems by Maria d'Arezzo, Caroline Knox, Kevin Prufer, and others; and introducing Andrea Maturana.

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William T. Vollmann

Too Late | APS 04

"What were my fantasies but fantasies?" William T. Vollmann's latest book,The Dying Grass, is out July 28 from Viking—in the meantime, read his story "Too Late" in APS 04.


Small Press Flea

Brooklyn, NY | August 1

Stop by and say hello at the Small Press Flea, BOMB's annual summer market for small magazines and presses. We'll be on the steps of the Brooklyn Public Library with more than twenty other indie publishers, rain or shine.

public access

Christopher Janke

Psalm Made of Silk | APS 10

The psalm is a door
that tears me.

The soul of a worm
contains enormous


Wind/Pinball: Two Novels
Haruki Murakami Wind/Pinball: Two Novels
Naomi Williams Landfalls
Roll Deep
Major Jackson Roll Deep
The Dying Grass
William T. Vollmann The Dying Grass

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