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Spring 2016

The Other Interest: Etel Adnan on weaving; poetry by Giorgio de Chirico; David Lynch paints; a memoir by Gordon Parks; Sally Potter's work diary; Dorothea Tanning's fiction; New work from Martha Cooley, Dan Chelotti, Graham Foust, Katy Lederer, Fadwa Suleiman and others; and introducing Jai Chakrabarti, Cornelius FitzPatrick, Arinze Ifeakandu, Mahreen Sohail, and April Wolfe.

Table of Contents

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Bette Howland

A Visit | APS 23

"I was wondering what the chances might be of undertaking a crash course in self-improvement here in Eternity. Not so hot." A story by Bette Howland from her portfolio in Issue 23.

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Colin Barrett

Stand Your Skin | APS 20

"Before the roof and beers and bed, Bat hits the road. A night spin, deep into the countryside’s emptinesses." From Issue 20, a story of a young man stuck in a town where he feels like an outcast.

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Jai Chakrabarti

A Small Sacrifice | APS 24

"Two years of Thursdays haunted by fear of discovery, which led to a wedding, because a married man who arrived regularly at Kakulia Lane could not be doing anything but playing backgammon with his happenstance friend." APS Fellow Jai Chakrabarti explores love, sexuality, and social taboo in his first published story.

Peter Gizzi Archeophonics
The Fire This Time
Jesmyn Ward The Fire This Time
Who Does She Think She Is?
Rosalyn Drexler Who Does She Think She Is?

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