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Summer 2014

“She regrets not what was, but what should have been, could have been.” —Marie NDiaye's self-portrait in green; Roxane Gay at war; Edward Carey on seeing and being seen; Rachel Farbiarz and Stefania Heim on Memorial Hill; new fiction by Jensen Beach, Elizabeth Gaffney, and J. Robert Lennon; poems by Camille Rankine, Craig Morgan Teicher, Marina Tsvetaeva, and others; and introducing Jamel Brinkley.

Table of Contents

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Maureen McLane

Haunt | APS 09

There are too many cedars here / hiding the sun hovering / over the dead / the lakes won’t wash away / & the ghosts the locals talk of / are their memories / singing and shifting unbidden

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Fanny Howe

The High Window | APS 05

Let’s make believe we are lying / Together on our backs. / The lumps in the door are dirt and grass / And the blackbirds tickle us with their claws / Until we chirp and laugh.

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Anne Carson

Variations on the Right to Remain Silent

"The light comes in the name of the voice is a sentence that stops itself. Its components are simple yet it stays foreign, we cannot own it." In APS 07, Anne Carson writes on metaphysical silence and the limits of translation.

Heap House
Edward Carey Heap House
Lila: a Novel
Marilynne Robinson Lila: a Novel
Brain Fever
Kimiko Hahn Brain Fever

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