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Summer 2014

“She regrets not what was, but what should have been, could have been.” —Marie NDiaye's self-portrait in green; Roxane Gay at war; Edward Carey on seeing and being seen; Rachel Farbiarz and Stefania Heim on Memorial Hill; new fiction by Jensen Beach, Elizabeth Gaffney, and J. Robert Lennon; poems by Camille Rankine, Craig Morgan Teicher, Marina Tsvetaeva, and others; and introducing Jamel Brinkley.

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Kelly Link

New York, NY | October 28th

Celebrate Halloween early with Kelly Link and Gavin J. Grant, who will host a reading with contributors to their recent anthology, Monstrous Affections, at McNally Jackson Books.

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Maureen McLane

Haunt | APS 09

There are too many cedars here / hiding the sun hovering / over the dead / the lakes won’t wash away / & the ghosts the locals talk of / are their memories / singing and shifting unbidden

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Fanny Howe

The High Window | APS 05

Let’s make believe we are lying / Together on our backs. / The lumps in the door are dirt and grass / And the blackbirds tickle us with their claws / Until we chirp and laugh.

Heap House
Edward Carey Heap House
Lila: a Novel
Marilynne Robinson Lila: a Novel
Brain Fever
Kimiko Hahn Brain Fever

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