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Summer 2014

“She regrets not what was, but what should have been, could have been.” —Marie NDiaye's self-portrait in green; Roxane Gay at war; Edward Carey on seeing and being seen; Rachel Farbiarz and Stefania Heim on Memorial Hill; new fiction by Jensen Beach, Elizabeth Gaffney, and J. Robert Lennon; poems by Camille Rankine, Craig Morgan Teicher, Marina Tsvetaeva, and others; and introducing Jamel Brinkley.

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Fiction Workshop

Brooklyn, NY | February 18

Join bestselling author Myla Goldberg for a four-week fiction workshop at APS headquarters. The course is modeled on workshops Myla has led in the MFA programs at NYU, Sarah Lawrence, and Brooklyn College.

Public Access

Terrance Hayes

Two Poems | APS 18

Sometimes I want a built-in scalp / that looks and feels like skin. A form of camouflage, / protection against sunburn and frostbite, / horsehair that covers the nightmares and makes me civilized.

Public Access

Ander Monson

Dear Defacer | APS 20

"The space between biology and biography is vast. Both are tests. They seek to understand a life. We might believe we write our own, that who we think we are gives us the right to tell ourselves as we believe we are."

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