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Winter 2015

"Everyone who is alive has a ghost inside them, don't they?" –Kelly Link's ​N​ew Boyfriend; ​Jamel Brinkley's Lucky Man; ​​fiction from Kathmandu by Prawin Adhikari; John Haskell remembers George Trow; Julia Cooke ​participates in​ the Parable Conference; ​​new fiction by​ ​Garth Greenwell​ and Anna Noyes​; poems by Maria d'Arezzo, Caroline Knox, Kevin Prufer, and others; and introducing Andrea Maturana.

Table of Contents

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Anne Carson

Ghost Q & A | APS 13

Q how do you relax

A swimming

Q who is that man

A he does the zeroes

Public Access

Andrea Maturana

Interiors | APS 22

"Villagrán washed his hands and put on a pair of latex gloves. He didn’t want to see anything by accident, so he finished his preparations with his back to her. He really wanted the surprise. To turn around and suddenly see it: something he hadn’t seen before."


Fall Courses

Brooklyn Institute for Social Research

This fall, acquaint yourself with the fathers of 20th century psychoanalysis with two course offerings from BISR. Jacques Lacan: The Desire of the Other and Sigmund Freud and the Birth of Psychoanalysis will each meet for four weeks in the offices of A Public Space.

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