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News July 2, 2018

This week we're talking about:
  • In celebration of Pride, we've unlocked a selection of features from our archive. For the next three weeks, work from Jericho Brown, Alex Dimitrov, Garth Greenwell, Hervé Guibert, Maureen N. McClane, Adrienne Rich, and Arthur Rimbaud is free and open to all. Please read, and amplify, these pieces.
  • A conception of life as more linear settled in after the Revolution, as devices such as the clock and the time card more and more replaced the sun, as the railroad set the country to schedules, as telegraphs ran along lines, literally, to bring news at any time of day. Lately, in addition to reading old almanacs, I have been reading the journals of people alive before and after the Revolution, looking for that shift from circle to line, and watching especially for mentions of schedules or moons.Robert Sullivan on almanacs, land art, and the shifting sands of time in America
  • We're still on cloud nine after being named one of three inaugural recipients of the Whiting Literary Magazine Prizes. It means big things for us here at the magazine, and the New York Times has details.
  • Save the date for now: on Friday, August 10, we'll launch our brand new issue at Books Are Magic. In Brooklyn? Join us. Everywhere: subscribe. APS No. 26 sold out and is now a collector's issue. Subscribers have first dibs on our limited editions, and our forthcoming issue boasts new essays by Mónica de la Torre and Amy Leach, and much more.
  • Our marketing and development director, Lauren Cerand, will be traveling in Italy this month. Otherwise Bookshop in Rome is on the list. Anyone she should meet, or essential literary sights and stops? Email to advise.

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